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System administration, DevOps, management and support

An expert team of system administrators and devops engineers, who takes 24/7 care of your servers and cloud infrastructures.
Trust the professionals in Delta.BG and guarantee the reliability, security and uptime of your infrastructure.

24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring

Daily backup and backup space

Professional support and advice

Our services

Delta.bg takes care of the system administration, monitoring and support of hundreds of servers and cloud services. Our portfolio of services in the field of maintenance and management of IT infrastructures is built on the basis of your needs and high requirements.

  • Installation and migration of servers/OS
  • Installation and configuration of web servers (Apache, Nginx, Litespeed и др.)
  • Installation and configuration of SQL server and database management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Application server installation and configuration (fpm,fcgi,nodejs,jvm)
  • Installation and configuration of file systems
  • Configuration of load and traffic distribution systems (HAproxy, reverse proxy, load balancing)
  • Installation and configuration of a distributed storage system in the memory memcached (multinode)
  • Tracking and troubleshooting software errors (debugging) related to the operating system or service software
  • Help with compromised servers and unauthorized access to applications
  • Server optimizations, backup setup and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Improve the security of your server/cloud
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of hardware and network components, and connectivity

Choose a management, maintenance and system administration plan according to your needs

24/7 monitoring
Daily backcup
Backup space
System administration
Support by e-mail
Phone support
Special chat room for your support
Reaction time
Priority 1 - high Situation or problem in which the internet access to the project is blocked or it does not work.
Priority 2 - medium The system works, but not all of its functionalities are available or work incorrectly.
Priority 3 - low Cosmetic errors that do not affect the operation of the system, but do not match the criteria specified by the customer.
Standart 100 BGN per 1 month
(up to 7 archives)
up to 150 GB
up to 2 hours per month
up to 30 minutes
up to 4 hours
up to 48 hours
Premium 300 BGN per 1 month
(up to 7 archives)
up to 300 GB
up to 6 hours per month
up to 15 minutes
up to 2 hours
up to 24 hours
Enterprise on request per 1 month
on request
on request
on request
on request
on request
on request

Do you need a specific solution or team, system administrators and engineers for a complex project? Contact us for a free consult!

System administration without subscription

Professional assistance in case of a complicated technical case, a complex infrastructure project or the need for immediate intervention of a system administrator.

System administration within working hours

From 09:00 to 20:00 on working days - after the hours included in the plan have been exhausted 90 BGN per hour

System administration outside working hours

From 20:00 to 09:00 on working days, on weekends and holidays - after the hours included in the plan have been exhausted 300 BGN per hour

Reserved team during promotions

The price per hour is paid, according to the plan for the entire time of booking, regardless of the work done

The service "System administration without subscription" is offered on a preliminary request of 24 hours. In case of emergency, we reserve the right to increase the price or refuse the service.

Qualifications and certificates

Our team of system administrators, network administrators and devops engineers has more than 10 years of proven experience in the field of hosting, cloud services and building infrastructure solutions.

certificate quality

Quality guarantee

International standard ISO 9001:2015.

The certificate ensures that we use a set of good practices and management philosophy in our work, and our focus is on you - our customers, your requirements and the pursuit of continuous improvement of conditions, processes and results.

certificate security

Security guarantee

International standard ISO 27001:2013, setting requirements for Information Security Management Systems.

The certificate guarantees and confirms the fact that we provide information security of the highest degree for our customers.

Free consult from Delta.bg

Describe to us what servers and software you have and we will make a proposal for their support.

Our clients

The success of our clients is a success for Delta! See all

Our website was down often, mainly because of reaching the limit of our resources. In such moments we lose done deals just in the months busiest in marketing activities. After we moved to Delta Cloud the site is loading several times faster on a normal day and the cloud is giving us the possibility to scale easily our resources, whenever we need it.

Tatyana Atanasova

Website Manager, Sanita.bg

While being in our previous provider, our website was down too often. Delta team took the issue professionally, analyzing the load and the software used, so to make up a plan how to remove and avoid the causes of failure, as well as speed up the loading of the site. 

The Support guys helped us on our questions and issues right on time. 

Konrad Raisemund

Owner, IVET.bg

After we moved our online store in Delta.bg, it started to load pretty quickly. On the first Black Friday since we moved, we made three times as much sales as the previous year. In case of any issue, the support was quick and adequate even in 3 AM.