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Reliable colocation for your equipment

Collocate your equipment in the premium Tier 3+ data center of Delta.bg. Guaranteed redundancy, optimal storage conditions for your infrastructure and the ability to flexibly increase the space required.

Internationally proven Tier 3+ Equinix data center

ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate

ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 information security certificate

Reserved network and connectivity

We offer

Host your hardware in a modern and reliable data center and ensure optimal operating conditions, security and redundancy. By requesting a colocation from Delta.bg you get:

World class data center

Our equipment and the equipment of our customers is located in the Equinix data center. Equinix partners and customers are also giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and many others.

100% reliability

The data center where we have the equipment is completely independent with four independent power sources, N + 1 reserved air conditioning, top level security systems and fire alarm.

Always online

The services provided by Delta.BG are secured by 3 independent internet providers to the international network with a direct connection to 99.99% of all BG peers and all major European internet exchanges (IX).

Total control

You have root (full administrative) access to your equipment at any time and from anywhere in the world with the ability to manage it, both through a console and through a control panel of your choice.

Management and administration

Delta has an expert team of system administrators and devops engineers who can take care of your servers and collocated equipment 24/7. Do you need help administering and managing your hardware? Trust us.

Management, support and administration

Send an inquiry for an individual offer

The equipment colocation service provided by Delta.bg is fully tailored to your needs, size of your equipment, requirements for connectivity, power supply and security. Send us an inquiry so that we can prepare an individual offer for you.

Delta.bg chose Equinix - the highest class data center for your reliable collocation partner

Equinix is a trusted partner of companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Google. For you, we have chosen a premium collocation partner, which guarantees the continuity of your service, a safe and optimal environment for the deployment of your equipment. High level of national and international peer and connectivity, full power supply autonomy and guaranteed reliability.


  • Own transformer station
  • Rooms for diesel generator group with5 generators
  • Separate А и В/C и D rooms for main switchboards
  • Separate А и В/C и D battery storage rooms
  • Separate and autonomous premises for access to the cable duct network
  • Separate А и В/C и D rooms for end customer switchboards
  • Separate А и В rooms for circulating pumps of the cooling system

Power supply

  • Fault tolerance N + 1 on each individual component of the power supply, one-megawatt UPS system
  • Four independent power supply routes
  • Four separate own transformers from medium to low voltage
  • UPS devices, that provide power for 20 minutes at full load
  • Reserve group of 5 synchronized diesel generators with unlimited service life
  • Complete duplication of all elements of the power supply system
  • Three-component lightning protection system and double earthing installation

Air conditioning

  • N + 1 redundancy of internal systems
  • 1 + 1 redundancy of circulation pumps
  • Reservation N + 1 of the water-cooling bodies of the roof
  • Reservation of the power supply of the air conditioners in the halls
  • Reservation of monitoring and management
  • Precise temperature environment for work provided
  • Cold Aisle Containment System (CACS) implementation for all cabinets
  • Cooling up to 12 kilowatts per cabinet, 120 cm cold zone
  • Possibility for individual air conditioning projects by in-row water cooling in the cabinets themselves


  • Access control and video surveillance systems
  • Customer profiling system and armed guards
  • Multi-zone fire alarm system for all rooms
  • Double-activated alarms - heat and smoke
  • Quality certificate ISO 9001
  • Certificate for information security ISO 27001
  • Certificate for energy management and efficiency systems ISO 50001
  • Certificate for environmental management systems ISO 14001
  • 100% use of green energy
  • Member of The European Code of Conduct for Data Center

Our optimal solution for Your business

We will analyze the needs of your site, online store, ERP or other system and will prepare the optimal hosting solution, we will take care of the administration and maintenance. This way you will be able to focus on the development of your business.

Solutions for Your business

Online store

Meet the heavy traffic to your online store

ERP and CRM systems

Systems that are an integral part of modern business processes

Internet media

High degree of adaptability and possibility for innovative approaches

Marketing and web agencies

Optimal work and unobstructed achievement of maximum results

Our clients

The success of our clients is a success for Delta! See all

Our website was down often, mainly because of reaching the limit of our resources. In such moments we lose done deals just in the months busiest in marketing activities. After we moved to Delta Cloud the site is loading several times faster on a normal day and the cloud is giving us the possibility to scale easily our resources, whenever we need it.

Tatyana Atanasova

Website Manager, Sanita.bg

While being in our previous provider, our website was down too often. Delta team took the issue professionally, analyzing the load and the software used, so to make up a plan how to remove and avoid the causes of failure, as well as speed up the loading of the site. 

The Support guys helped us on our questions and issues right on time. 

Konrad Raisemund

Owner, IVET.bg

After we moved our online store in Delta.bg, it started to load pretty quickly. On the first Black Friday since we moved, we made three times as much sales as the previous year. In case of any issue, the support was quick and adequate even in 3 AM.