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We are more than just a hosting provider! We are your trusted partner in business!

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For us, the constant improvement and implementation of innovations is a guarantee for the success of our partners.

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Qualifications and certificates

Our team of system administrators, network administrators and devops engineers has more than 10 years of proven experience in the field of hosting, cloud services and building infrastructure solutions.

certificate quality

Quality guarantee

International standard ISO 9001:2015.

The certificate ensures that we use a set of good practices and management philosophy in our work, and our focus is on you - our customers, your requirements and the pursuit of continuous improvement of conditions, processes and results.

certificate security

Security guarantee

International standard ISO 27001:2013, setting requirements for Information Security Management Systems.

The certificate guarantees and confirms the fact that we provide information security of the highest degree for our customers.


Technical parameters

  • Tier 3+ class (completely independent) data center, located in Sofia
  • Own transformer station (independent A and B transformers);
  • Diesel-generator group rooms;
  • N+1 redundancy for every single component of the power supply;
  • Four independent power supply;
  • Air-conditioning - N+1 reserved;
  • Provided environmental temperature is 21°C ± 2°C at about 50% air-humidity;
  • Multi-zone fire alarm system for all the rooms;
  • Access control and client profiling systems;
  • Armed guards and constant video-surveilance systems.

The data center used by Delta.BG is of Tier 3+ class (completely neutral).
Possibility for independent work of the data center, without access to the national electricity network. Connectivity and Internet capacity are provided by the largest providers in Europe and the world. The routes are completely independent, with a direct connection to all backbone points, both in Bulgaria and in Europe, North America and Asia. The communication equipment is installed according to world standards in 19-inch cabinets, fully secured and independent air conditioning, ventilation and power supply. All RACK cabinets of Delta.BG have sensors for measuring humidity and temperature, as they are also available on the server and network equipment and allow real-time monitoring.

We guarantee

  • Internet - 30+ Gbps capacity
  • Completely independent DWMD transport network
  • 24x7 around-the-clock client service
  • > 99,9% service uptime 
  • Local and BG Peering
    • direct link to all local and regional Internet exchanges (IX) – BIX, OMMIX
    • direct link to 99,99% of all BG peers
  • Internet, Dedicated lines, Local and BG Peering

The services, which are provided by Delta.BG are secured to the international network by 3 independent internet providers. You can see the details here: http://bgp.he.net/AS197216

The optical network enables Delta.BG to provide reliable and aruond the clock connectivity with all the countries in the region, as well as with all major European IXs.

Our clients

The success of our clients is a success for Delta! See all

Our website was down often, mainly because of reaching the limit of our resources. In such moments we lose done deals just in the months busiest in marketing activities. After we moved to Delta Cloud the site is loading several times faster on a normal day and the cloud is giving us the possibility to scale easily our resources, whenever we need it.

Tatyana Atanasova

Website Manager, Sanita.bg

While being in our previous provider, our website was down too often. Delta team took the issue professionally, analyzing the load and the software used, so to make up a plan how to remove and avoid the causes of failure, as well as speed up the loading of the site. 

The Support guys helped us on our questions and issues right on time. 

Konrad Raisemund

Owner, IVET.bg

After we moved our online store in Delta.bg, it started to load pretty quickly. On the first Black Friday since we moved, we made three times as much sales as the previous year. In case of any issue, the support was quick and adequate even in 3 AM.