ERP и CRM системи

Hosting solutions for ERP and CRM systems

The use of ERP and CRM systems by developing technology companies is an integral part of modern business processes. For the optimal functioning of these systems, a quality and secure hosting environment is required.

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Fixed operating expenses

The hosting solution for ERP and CRM systems is a good opportunity for return on investment, allowing you to reduce and fix investments, according to the set business goals.

100% reliability and 99.99% uptime

The data center in which Delta's infrastructure is located ensures the continuous operation of the systems.

Security and protection

In the design of the hosting solution for ERP and CRM systems, maximum parameters of protection and security are set for all data and information.

24/7 support

In-depth knowledge of the specifics of the systems and the experience of our qualified team are a guarantee for professional 24/7 support.

Management and administration

Our team of highly qualified specialists will take care of your infrastructure 24 hours a day, all you have to do is focus on developing your business.

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We build optimal solutions based on the requirements of your ERP or CRM system

Configured hosting solution that:
- is developed specifically for systems that are the basis of business processes of medium to large companies and are characterized by high and constant load;
- provides a high degree of protection of all information flow without adversely affecting speed and productivity;
- designed to be flexible to optimize resources and increase capacity;
- is supported by a team of specialists in your project who, if necessary, react quickly and professionally.

Our clients

The success of our clients is a success for Delta! See all

The sites of HiComm and GoGuide are our main business tools and any disturbancies in the work of our editors on the backend, as well as any end user access interruptions are critical problems for us. After moving to the Delta Cloud solution any of these issues were gone.

Nikola Papukchiev

Chief Editor and Managing Partner, HiComm

When you need personal approach from your cloud provider, you will certainly find it with Delta.

Marian Naydenov

CEO, Prodesgin.

Our impression of Delta.BG is very positive. In the beginning their technical team listened carefully to our requirements and proposed architecture based on our suggestion, but with some additional, real improvements. They invested enough time to answer our concerns and helped us find where exactly the problem lies. During the whole working process, the team demonstrated excellent technical knowledge, sound communication and quick task delivery.